Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a partnership structure with Avanti look like?
    • Every partnership structure looks a little different depending on the seller’s goals. Typically, the majority of the purchase price for a veterinary practice is paid in cash. Depending on the veterinary practice’s valuation and your preferred partnership structure, there could also be a performance-related earnout and(or) seller note. Lastly, if you desire to continue being an owner, we provide the option to invest some portion of your sale proceeds into Avanti.

  • If I would like to eventually transition my management responsibilities and retire, how does that work with Avanti?
    • We recognize that some of our veterinary partners will have shorter employment time horizons with Avanti than others. It is important for everyone to be transparent about expectations and flexible if circumstances change. Avanti can certainly add value to your veterinary practice by helping you recruit and retain medical and administrative staff. We can also help you develop a succession plan tailored to fit your specific needs and goals so that any future employment transition is seamless and graceful for you and the veterinary practice.

  • What is my veterinary practice worth?
    • The valuation of a veterinary practice varies based on several factors including but not limited to: practice type (e.g. hospital, ambulatory, and rehabilitation clinic), quality of practice revenue and profitability, level of practice infrastructure, number of veterinarians, geographic location, and adherence to industry best practices. In any case, Avanti will work with you to establish your practice’s value in a transparent, efficient, and friendly process.

  • How will my practice’s associate veterinarians be impacted by a decision to partner with Avanti?
    • At Avanti, our goal is to be the employer of choice within the equine veterinary industry. Our hope and expectation is that your associate veterinarians will benefit and win as a result of a partnership with Avanti. Compensation and benefits levels within the Avanti network are reviewed regularly by a committee of veterinary industry experts to ensure national competitiveness and employee satisfaction. Additionally, our network of equine veterinary practices will lead to more continuity of care and organizational best practices, which should lead to a better work-life balance for all employees. A partnership with Avanti also means more geographic flexibility and mobility for associate veterinarians as they will have a greater number of affiliated veterinary practices to choose from over the course of their career. Furthermore, associate veterinarians who are capable practitioners with proven leadership skills and think/act like owners will have the option to invest in Avanti over time.